Voice from CEO

The incipient step of choosing the right place is to identify the strength, background and facilities of the resort and as well as the environment of the locations. It is important for the people that destiny most be an amazing and awesome in every case, lodging facilities, food items as name, mostly a mushroom items and all the refreshing with fun accessories to set towards rewarding career. The quality of the management and administrative staffs also foster the Indreni Mushroom Resort to disciplined and sound destiny.

Beside these factors,we can manage different activities like cam fire, barbecue, musical programs and mushroom cultivation visit according to the visitors’ desire. Thus, the visitors should be sanguine enough before deciding which place to choose for the best holiday plans as well different other works like meetings, AGM, parties, etc.


Keshav Raj Sharma

CEO – Indreni Mushroom Resort

Contact Number: 9851098574